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Samos Island is in the North-East Aigaion, to the east of the Ikarious Sea; the area is 476 km2 and the total length of the coastline is 159,3 km.


The capital is called Samos or "Vathi", it has almost 7800 citizens and it is built between green hills. The houses are neo-classical in design and the city is filled with old mansions with ceramic roofs.

Samos was founded around 3000 b.c by Pelasgous and later by Kares from the city of Mikras Asias. Herodotus claimed that Homer visited Samos during the period 1130-1120 b.c. The mathematician Pythagoras lived on Samos island, as did the astronomer Aristarchus and the architects Roikos and Theodoros, who both constructed the temple of Hereon at 570 b.c.

Even though the island has many famous archaeological treasures, it owes its reputation and chief attraction to its natural beauty, magnificent beaches, and enchanting traditional villages. There are a lot of activities to do that will surely make your stay on Samos Island memorable.








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